Describe your style: Covered in sand

Describe your style: Covered in sand, dripping in radness…with a soft white tee. 

Yup. This was a great combo. Even when it got windy.

These beauties are all from Zacasha, a line of hand made (no pieces are exactly alike) tassel necklaces from Bali…that’s been around for a decade now.  They are beautiful, make me want to goto Bali to learn how to make one, come in dozens of color combos, and are meant to layer, layer, and layer some more. And then be layered some more. 

So yes, it’s right up my alley. 

Especially when a little sand is involved too. 

Necklaces are all from. Zacasha. I really should fly to Bali to deliver a thank you note. 

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