A Dozen Summery Things

I don’t know how it’s already the eve of Memorial Day weekend. But it is. I feel like it still February. Usually, I’ll whip up some stay put bikini roundup, but given my lack of consistent wearing of swimwear lately, I wanted to diversify a bit, but still keep the stoked for sunshine vibe alive.

So here are a dozen Summery things that had me at hello, get me excited for Summer, or just, I don’t know, really deserve a shout out. (Yes keeping this to 12 was difficult.)

Fun stuff.

Here we go. (I even put numbers on this one, so you can just scroll & click on whatever looks interesting.)

1: New Janessa Leone Packable Straw hats – I invested in one of these last summer and wore it…Every. Damn. Day. I even smashed it and packed it, and it sprung back into shape.

2: Custom Kauai Embroidered Sweatshirts for Shipwrecked Kauai – If you’ll be rocking Sweatshirt year round, but still want a juicy summery vibe, for, you know, summer. (Like me.)

3: Boys N Arrows Bikinis – Because this is the one really really rad brand I’ve never worn but have admired from afar, and I know people LOVE. Ok, I also walked by their booth numerous times at swim week but was too shy to talk to them. Their summer suits rock. (Or at least look like they do.)

4: This Zoya Polish Called Happi might be the perfect summer shade. Definitely investing in some.

5: Seashell Sunglass Straps – Handmade by LapetiteidylleStore…has me actually really, really excited about sunglass straps. Which I didn’t think was possible. ( Just bought one.)

6:  Soludos Rainbow Wave embroidered sneakers – Even though it’s sandal season, these make me actually want to wear shoes. (Note: they run big)

7: The Crazy Rich Asians trilogy – I just finished all three books. In record time (Felt ohh soo good to just be obsessed with reading again.). If you thought the movie was good, read the book. Then the rest of the trilogy. Boom. Summer reading suggestions…done.

8: Linens by Dazed but Amazed – Hand dyed earthy hued pure French linen bedding. It makes me want to take lots and lots of summertime naps. Especially when it’s rainy. If only that was a possibility.

9: Jolyn Doyle Run Shorts – Bright fun & comfy shorts for all of those summer runs/hikes/etc., And yes it has the built-in lining dealio which is a non-negotiable in my book. (Plus they’re only $35). Holla.

10: Electric Crasher sunglasses – I swear all the cool gals are rocking these, and rightfully so. I’m a big fan of the army green, and how they cover almost half your face.

11: Billabong Float on By Pant – Billabong always nails their party pants. Especially these black and white tropical beauts that might double as a tent if you want to camp and have no gear.

12: the LARQ Bottle – It’s a self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system all packaged into one. It uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle. So, it’s basically the MacGuyver of water bottles that puts all others to shame.

So, on that note. Cheers to summer.

…and all the fun stuff that comes along with it.

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