Get Your Bum Into a Boom Boom.

What’s Fun, flirty, sporty, can be worn surfing or laying on the beach, and costs under $70? No, it’s not some new perfume, it’s a bikini by Boom Boom Hawaii.

Owner and designer Elena Merritt (who nearly grew up in the ocean and claims a bikini is practically her second skin that she never left home without) you, my dear, know how to make one heck of a swimwear line. From cheeky and bold color blocks, to ruched bottoms & halters, the line is simple, yet makes a statement. That statement? Less is more. Oh, Elena I could hug you.

Some of my favorites: this beautiful rainbow Chi Chi, the sporty yet flirty (and appropriately named) Smiles, and the ruched to fantasticness Veda. But, really, you can’t go wrong with any piece from a line that’s “designed with expertise, made with soul, and worn with good ‘ol fashion fun.”

So, stop on over to and get your bum into a Boom Boom.

Boom Boom on Tumblr.

Gorgeous photos by Harold Julian with model: Hannah

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