DIY No Slip Woven Workout Headband

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I have one dilemma when working out: no headbands stay put on my head…ever. Blame it on fine hair and an oddly shaped head, then add bangs at an awkward length and yeah, nothing works. No, tying a bandana around my head like Rambo just won’t cut it.

There’s a little trick to make one stick: shelf liners. Yup, those $2 rolls of woven grip liners that keep kitchen goods in place is also the secret ingredient for a fidget-free yoga class, the cutest messy top knot ever, or a run on the beach minus sweaty strands.

A DIY for a No Slip Workout Woven Headband

Tools: Old shirt you can cut, Grip Shelf Liner, Scissors, Needle, Sturdy Thread ( I use dental floss, it’s super strong and have it around the house)  and a Safety pin.


1. Cut 5 –  2" strips off the bottom of an old t-shirt. (These will be in a circle after you cut them off, cut each along one side seam to make a long strip)

2. Sew ends of the strips together on one side

3. Safety pin sewn end to a blanket, couch, pillow, etc.

4. Make a 5 strand weave by following these steps (you’ll get the hang of it)

  • Divide the 5 strands into 2 sections, 3 strands to the one side, 2 to the other.
  • On the 3 strand side, working from the outside in, take the furthest strip over the second strip, then under the third
  • Then bring it to the other side (the side with 2 strands) so that side now has 3 strands.
  • Repeat again, Take the furthest strand outside on the side with 3, over the next, under the next, over to other side that had 2 strands.
  • Keep on repeating and pulling the strands tight as you go.

4. Braid until the headband length is long enough to fit snug, but not too tight around your head.

5. Roll out the shelf liner and cut a strip that just about as wide as the headband (about an inch)

6. Sew liner in place on the underneath side (so it doesn’t show through on the front) every 3 inches or so. *If you own a glue gun, you could use that now instead.

7. Sew the headband strip ends together to make it a loop. It’s ok if it’s not pretty. The final steps cover it up.

8. With another strip from the shirt or any excess scraps. Sew one end on the inside of the headband where the ends are all sewn together.

9. Wrap the strip around securely, then sew a knot to secure it in place.

10. Voila, an easy, stylin’  (and super affordable) headband that isn’t going anywhere. Except on your head for your next workout.

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