A great time to gift some art

Ready, set, quick here’s some rad art stuff I have for sale in my shop that makes cool unique gifts, post…

My 2023 Calendars are here, and they might be my favorite collection of paintings, yet. I don’t know what else to say except for I am so darn appreciative of the encouragement and support I get for these beauties each year ( this is year three. Wahoo!!). It’s turned into a fun tradition and keeps my wheels spinning whenever I sit down to paint.

• They make a mighty fine pairing with the weekly tear-off planners, too. Pick up one or a few.

• I have about 12 scarves left, which are even more gorgeous in person. It’s all in my gifts section. 

• And of course there’s lots of art –  Prints, and I’m slooooowly adding more originals and becoming less of an art hoarder, too.

Ok, this is all so sales-y my palms are starting to sweat, and I know we are all getting bombarded with sale stuff right now at unprecedented levels. So I’ll keep it short. But thanks for loving my art, and supporting my (super) small art business.


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