A Moment in Munich

Fun fact: My husband coaches for the Seattle Seahawks (Now you know why we moved up here). Which meant when the 2023 schedule was released, we found out they’d be playing in the first-ever NFL game in Germany this year. Which happened to be in Munich. Which I 100% was determined to go to, even if it’d be just a quick trip. Which it was, and it was a fantastic experience, a much-needed change of pace, and a whirlwind of jet lag. I’m so glad we went.

Always love an excuse to travel. And definitely recommend the sausage, sauerkraut, potato salad, and beer diet I followed.

I made zero plans and had zero expectations (other than going to the game.) But I had so many deja vu moments when I lived in Europe and my weekends would consist of going to new countries and just walking around and exploring the newness and uniqueness each place had to offer.

So, in Munich, we walked around, watched people surf the Eisbach Wave (of course that was my first stop) went to the Deutches Museum, saw some Banskys at the MUCA, browsed the Viktualienmarket, admired the architecture, and walked around the English Garden (we stayed right next to it at the Hilton Munich Park and our favorite beer garden, the Chinesischer Turm, was right nearby, too.) I wanted to go to the Munich Judicial library, but we couldn’t make the 15-minute window it was open for tours, and that place looked like something straight out of a Harry Potter book.

And the game…was incredible (here are our family pics). I’ve never been in a stadium that is packed with happiness and enthusiasm. Yeah, the Seahawks lost, but a crowd of 70K fans singing “Take Me Home Country Road” gave me goosebumps, and you can bet yer bum I was singing along, too.

Travel – the one thing you spend money on that makes you richer. And makes you want to spend less money, and save so you can do it as much as possible.

I hope you like the pics. (Any ones I’m in, Levi took using my camera. Fun times.)


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