Let’s talk Loneliness

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Let’s talk loneliness. But please don’t feel awkward about it. It’s something I deal with, and actually have grown quite used to, I guess. The funny thing about it is it’s not like I’m stranded alone in the desert and having a human around is the instant cure. I feel loneliest in a crowded city, or even at home. Marriage can be extremely lonely, being a mom can make you feel like you’re stranded on an iceberg, and social media has a magical ability to add lemon juice to an open wound.

But ironically, I tend to feel the least lonely when I’m surrounded by nature, in the water, or just walking with my dog. Or traveling somewhere new. It’s like being somewhere you love, someplace inspiring, or somewhere you can simply breathe can be the best and most understanding company.

I doubt there’s a one size fits all remedy, and loneliness doesn’t exactly mean not having friends. I think it’s just part of life sometimes, especially when you have lots of changes going on – internal and external, intentional ones, and ones out of your control. We process, we grow, we cry and hopefully become better humans because of it too.

And when it comes down to it, I think it feels good to write about it.

So, if you’re feeling lonely or not connected to where you are, just know you’re not alone. Especially this time of year. Now, time to go for a swim or a hike, and have a good walk (or cry) with my dog. And maybe watch Ted Lasso…for like the 5th time around. I am so ready for season 3. And you KNOW Ted feels lonely at times, too.

Sending hugs, and lots of good company from whatever your soul’s craving this time of year.

Love, Rebekah

..and let me also say this is a reason I am so thankful for this blog and people who still give a damn about it after all these years, or stumble on it and keep coming back. It somehow makes you feel connected to rad people all over the globe. And I am oh so grateful for that. 

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  • Moved to a whole new state with a 4 month old, then the pandemic hit shortly after her first birthday, then had a second baby and boy has that felt lonely and difficult to make and keep friends here. But love where we live and no regrets at all on the move. Just yep, lonely sometimes.

  • As a “new” mom of a 2 1/2 years old i totally relate to this. I love being alone, but loneliness is something else! The crying walk is also a win here. Feels so good!
    Ps I have no clue what Ted is. I miss ght need to check up on it 😱