A New Canvas


So, I bought an old Levi’s jeans jacket on eBay a few years ago with the intention of finding a way to paint it. Fast forward to almost three years later, and I finally got around to doing it. High five for a better-late-than-never mindset. And I’m kind of thrilled about how it turned out. Watercloring stuff other than paper is a trip, I tell ya.

I’m just waiting to see how it holds up, because I’d love to sell these bad boys. And branch out to wearable art, other than shoes.

See, the key to being able to watercolor some denim, or any new surface, really, is Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground – It’s a sort of gesso-esque primer you paint where you want to watercolor, and after it dries that surface now acts like cold press watercolor paper. Sort of, you can’t REALLY do all the color blending and be super precise. But the general effect and color absorption is definitely achieved, and it’s a cool one.

Then, the second ley is to spray a few coats of matte acrylic Modge Podge spray to protect and waterproof the art.

Now, what shall we paint next? Overalls, perhaps? Or Cowboy Boots? Cowboy hat? Leather jacket? Ohh the possibilities are fun.

Art is fun.

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