Sunny Sneakers.

 It’s fun to switch up painting surfaces every now and then, especially if it ends up being wearable. So, naturally, I had a good time painting these kicks. They’re off to be a “test pair” to see how the artwork holds up, and if they do I can maybe start to sell some custom shoes.

Or maybe I’ll keep writing my logo on each pair in hopes that a company will get a hint.

In the meantime, if you want to make some watercolor kicks, here’s the process…

1: Grab some canvas shoes. These are from Madewell and are pretty darn comfy. Vans also work like a charm, same with Keds.

2: Pick up some Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground.  It’s a primer that you paint on a surface, let it sit for 24-48 hours then it will absorb the pigment like watercolor. Boom.

3: Bust out those watercolors and paint the shoes however you want.

4: Grab some matte acrylic Modge Podge spray and seal them up with 2-3 coats so they won’t get ruined if they get wet. It also helps to prevent cracking. *This stuff is suuuuper potent so spray it outside and let it dry outside as well.

Boom. Done.

Fun watercolor shoes that will be sure to make some happy feet, sunshine on grey days, and be quite the conversation starter too.

Now, let’s see how these bad boys hold up.


More painted shoes aqui. 


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