Little things. Big Island.

Walking to watch the sunset, being covered in sand, the smell of the humid plumeria filled air, being on the water, coconut trees and a warm breeze, wearing a bikini every day, and finding shells without even thinking – it’s the little things that always have me dreaming of once again buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii sometime in my life…big time.

It felt serendipitous to be back in Hawaii. This was the most time I’ve ever spent on the Big Island, and I fell in love with the water (and Watching Levi finally dive in and fall in love with the ocean too)…I also completely lost track of time and fell behind in work, life. and worrying.

So, hope you like a few of the too many or too few pics I took. It kind of sums up the feeling and joy of soaking things up.

And in true form after the conclusion of any trip back to Hawaii…can’t wait to go back.

*Sidenote: Have to sing praises to the Aila Blue bikini I’m wearing – I got a few pics in it and might do a post on it. Or just write it a love letter. 

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