Hand Carved

Sometimes the artwork and sentiment behind a bracelet deserve a moment in the spotlight. Say hello to my first piece of hand-carved, one of a kind, Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry. It was a gift from Hawaii’s Heritage Jewelers, is covered with the plumeria and hibiscus I used to pick walking around in our neighborhood, and the details on this sucker are incredible.

Each piece of Hawaii’s heritage jewelers – A father-daughter business on a mission to bring back the dying art of 100% hand-made and hand-engraved Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry – is carved by hand, and I have no idea how Chris does it and still has all his fingers.  – Here is a video of my bracelet being finished (It shows the details better than my pics.)

The custom pieces come in 14k gold or sterling silver, and are made to last a lifetime, then handed down to last another. And maybe even another…

(Queue dropping a hint for anyone with Mother’s day, birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just because gifts coming up.- they also make hand engraved pendants, and rings)

Thank you so much Hawaii’s Heritage Jewelers for your amazing craft. – I rarely take this beauty off, and it makes me feel closer to my heart home.

Now miiiight be a good time to mention I have a giveaway going on over on my Instagram for two custom bracelets, too. 

Hawaiisheritagejewelrs – Shop small, shop hand-carved, help keep this amazing art alive. 

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