Fall by the River

Some people have girl’s nights, well Kili and I have our girl’s day down by the river. It’s a highlight of our week and such a special spot. You bet yer bum I get dressed up for it. And always rock a coat with pockets for lots of dog treats. And rain boots, so I can run around and play too, regardless of the season.

The lighting was just too good, and Kili actually got in the frame for a few pics (in between chasing rocks, and fish). So naturally, had to share.

Le deets:

• If you have a dog check out Sniffspots. This app has literally been the biggest blessing imaginable, in terms of apps.

• The jacket is by Alexander Wang and I found it on TheRealReal, and that’s my go-to Stetson Bozeman hat and Hunter boots. Fun times.

Love getting out with my Kili pup, who just turned NINE and is funnier, more loving, and adventurous than ever.


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