Art Update

Time for an art update. Painting makes me feel alive, yet also anxious, in a good way, and I love carving out time to create. I wish I could do it more, especially since it’s technically my main source of income these days. And, it feels INCREDIBLE to say that. I am oh so thankful.

So hope you like this latest batch of paintings…and the shoes. Shoes are fun. I am branching out and painting a denim jacket right now, so stay tuned for that. Feels good to try out new “canvases.”

What else? My 2023 calendars are printed and ready to ship. I’m aiming for a launch date around the second week of November, so be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter for first dibs.

Always adding new pieces to the shop, and am working on more items too, but they gotta be cool, so I’m slow, aka picky in adding stuff.

Ohh watercolor, You’re a tricky, always changing, and impossible-to-control medium, which is why I love you.

Thanks so much for giving a damn about my art, It means the world.

Art shop:  and @goldfish_kiss_art 

Got any questions about art supplies, lemme know in a comment and I’ll get back to you with my favorites.


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