Good Health. My husband. Amazing Family

Good Health. My husband. Amazing Family. My Faith. Old Friends. New Friends. Prayers. Hawaii. Healthy food. Not so healthy treats. Soft sand. Year round warm sun. Bikinis. Beautiful beaches. Lanikai. Kisses on the beach from my husband. Surfing. Waves. Uncrowded days in the lineup. Early morning north shore surfs. Cold beer. Kauai. The Ocean. Calls from my mom. Jokes from my dad. Sister. Brothers. Rainy Days. Costco. Poke. Acai Bowls. Hammocks. My car. Having a job. My surfboards. Hot showers. Cold showers at the beach. Sunscreen. Tans. Ice cream. Video chats. Plumeria all over. Palm Trees. Tropical smells. Fresh Air. Sunrises. Sunsets. Laughing until I cry. Crying until I laugh. Good days. Bad days. Naps. Future travels. A breezy house. A truly Blessed life.

Giving Thanks 🙂

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