The Painting and The Pic


It’s pretty sweet when a simple pic I take inspires me to paint. Maybe it’s the lighting, messy hair, or flowers. Whatever it is, I love it when an image causes a butterfly to start whirling around in my brain. 

It’s even sweeter when someone sees a picture I’ve taken and suggests I paint it. That’s always a definite eye opener for me. 

The best is when a painting isn’t even based off of a picture, and is just something in my mind (like this one.)

Anyhow. I thought it would be pretty sweet to look at some of the paintings side by side with the pictures that inspired them. So, here you go.

It makes me smile, and get really, really, really, rehehehehealllly excited to bust out my paints once I finish writing this and hit post.

The differences between the photo and the paint are what makes painting so exhilarating for me. If I wanted it to look just like the photograph, I’d just take another photograph. I say get messy, try new colors, add some scribbles, be imperfect, and play some inspiring music so you can awkwardly dance a little bit while doing so.

Here’s a few more…


Yay art. In all of its forms.

Top to bottom: Flower In Her Ear // Good Hair Days // Lei’d Underwater // Thinking Hat // Goldie Locks

Like my paintings? Good news, I have a little print shop. I’ll be adding some framed original paintings to it soon too. Same with Greeting Cards. And by soon I mean hopefully in the next month. I also do commissioned pieces and can sell prints to boutiques, coffee shops, or any rad place where it might be a good fit. Just shoot me an email for details. Thanks for the support and helping my life long dream to paint for a living slowly become a reality. 

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