I’ve said it before, time to

I’ve said it before, time to say it again: The more aloha print you have in your life, the happier you will be. 

So, the Ladies at The Lucky Honey sent me this dress. It’s by Acacia, and is called the Corsica dress. (In the Mahalo print) and I’m convinced it’s one of the more multi-faceted, permagrin inducing garments ever. 

The print isn’t too shabby either. 

You can wear it as a dress or a tunic, tuck it into shorts for an oversized blouse look, or unbutton it and wear it as a light layering jacket. Dress it up or down. Wear shorts underneath if you are worried about the length. If I had more time and my act in gear, I’d demonstrate all the above.

Basically it feels like my wearable soulmate (other than my lululemon shorts that I can’t function in life without), and it’s hard to not smile a lot when wearing it. 

So, I like to shout it’s praises. 

A huge thanks to The Lucky Honey for the dress + Jemma Sands for the necklace (Yup that’s a little pave palm tree. I am not worthy. Be prepared to see it many many more times.)

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