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In the past week or so I had an mini epiphany. I came to realize that my daily to do list was out of control, both metaphorically and literally. And I’m just over it. It just took a little nudge, and reading the right words at the right time to convince me to change it up a bit.

Aka simplify things a ton.

I’ve subscribed to a little daily devotional called Girlfriends in God for over a decade now, and it’s amazing how some days what you read is a smack on the back of the head fist bump of reality. Such happened this past week when, to sum it up, I read a post about a woman who was at the Dr’s office. She was totally ticked off that she had to wait over an hour for her appointment. She had things she needed to get done and places she needed to be. Long story short, the Dr. came in apologized for the delay, and told her he just was telling a patient she had terminal cancer and had weeks, if not days, to live. And it took some time. Suddenly her to do list was drastically changed. And just reading that nudged me to finally change mine as well.

The author’s to do list went from a mile long checklist to one similar to the person who found out she only had days to live.

To do today: Live more. Love more.

And isn’t that the truth.

Isn’t that what you want out of life, and each day, to live and to love? There’s a million poems, songs, plays, and pieces of art all centered around it..

I feel like I am constantly pressuring myself to do more, produce more, be more, to gain more followers, engage more, to do this and that checklist to insure success, to start a company, to do to do to do to do to do to do. And the ironic thing is when I focus on that plethora of things, I’m not getting much done. I kind of feel like a hybrid between a deer in headlights and someone treading water with ankle weights on.

I just want to live more and love more.

And the ironic thing is, when you focus on doing that, you tend to get the other things done efficiently, spend your free time in a much more fulfilling manor, and have a more grateful attitude. But, it also just leaves you more room to think, get filled with joy, have more meaningful conversations, be more present, and just be a kick ass human being to be around. Simplification whittled down to what’s important is a pretty darn remarkable superpower like that.

So, yeah. I am a fan of this new to do list.

Feel free to print out this image above, and put it in on your mirror or fridge. or in your wallet. Or just scribble it down on a post it note or something. I just think it’s one of the more powerful, and realistic, reminders I’ve read in a while.

Live more

Love more

Man oh man that’s so much better.

You can read the devotional by Sharon Jaynes that inspired this here.

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