These tiny l’il micro shells had

These tiny l’il micro shells had me at hello.

It only took me about five minutes to realize that not only is the white sand here oh so lovely, but it is filled with tiny micro shells. Which are super lovely. In fact, if you are somewhat near the shore and grab a handful of sand, you are bound to find a few. 

There are even some tinier ones than these pictured above. But they kept on falling off my hand and fingers regardless of how still I’d stay. Must’ve been my pulse or something. 

I need to investigate these little lovelies and figure out what their deal is. But, in the meantime, I’m learning yet another valuable lesson from the beach: little blessings are everywhere, you just have to remember to look.

I need to figure out something cool to do with all of these shells. Larga mason jar perhaps? We shall see. They are rapidly accumulating, and I have no complaints. Not even a tiny itty bitty little micro one. 

I also just found a few that I put in my pocket. Love it when that happens. 

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