Postcard Outing


Well, we are currently living in an empty house. Ok we have a few suitcases and whatever else we could fit on our truck for the drive down to Florida. Other than that, empty. Which means, lots of beach outings. Which makes me kind of love living in an empty house. Especially since yesterday’s outing felt like a postcard perfect one.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Franklin, there was some fun surf last week and over the weekend. But, we didn’t have our boards yet so we just had to admire it (painfully) from afar. However yesterday was pretty darn calm and clear. Aka flat. And hot. Alas, we beached it for a little bit.

So here are a few pics. (There were even some dolphins, but that was a mental pic that I’ll keep to myself.) It might look like we had our own private beach but really we just walked an extra 50 yards down from the beach entrance so no one was really around, which is always worth the extra sweat).

Just soaking up as much of these minimal-worry days and moments before the movers get here and I’m drowning in cardboard and packing paper while attempting to settle in.

Somehow I think I’ll still find a way to drive down here for a few minutes to make sure my psyche stays settled in as well.


Top to bottom: Went for a swim and definitely enjoyed the view when I looked back to the shore // Quick 5 second sand siesta // Shoulder rides and water drops // Some big ‘ol sunnies + a sugar sand smooch making me look much cooler than I am. Muwah. // Kickin’  it with Levi.

Ola Feroz bikiniPared Eyewear Sunnies

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