So, the desk has been quite

So, the desk has been quite a mess lately. But for a worthy cause. Roxy had me paint a few pictures of their Fall Swim campaign, and well, it was a project I thoroughly enjoyed diving into for a few days. 

The process went like this: Stare back and forth at the pic then at blank piece of paper, think of color scheme, then lightly sketch it out, paint, paint some more, paint some more, step away and grab some coffee, outline with ink pens, then paint some more, add some gold highlights, paint some more, a few more outlines…then step away before I ruin it. 

Have I told you all how much I appreciate you liking my art, and all of the encouragement? It’s just helped me stick with it, get my groove back, and well, now this kind of stuff happens. So, thank you. 

Hope you like ‘em. 

Art is fun. Roxy is rad.

Go team go. 

Here’s Bruna. 

…and Monyca

…and Kelia. 

*Art shop =

**And ROXY’s fall swim really is quite sweet.

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