Dressed up Knot


Scrunchies made a comeback. As much as I’d like to say I’m a fan of this reincarnation of my childhood hair adornments. I just can’t go all in on the trend. Except for this one. Mainly because it gives you the illusion of a scarf tied around your hair. Which I can totally get behind. I shall call it the scrunch scarf.

I got this beauty at the Cool Change booth in Miami swim, and am kicking myself for not grabbing the pink version they had too. You live you learn. 

So, I had a full DIY post planned, with instruction pics and everything. However, I still haven’t gotten around to taking pics. (And realized by the time I’d accomplish that, the scrunchie trend might be gone.) I have worn it a ton on the beach, tying up my messy salty topknot, or just dressing up my topknot whenever. 

It also makes a cute bracelet.

Basically, I love this thing.

So if you’d like to make one, here’s how:

I found a video tutorial here that’s making something super close. I’d just make the scarf part longer.

Or, here’s my (super basic) instructions…

1: Make a good ol’ scrunchie. I recommend having it be on the skinner/narrow side, and not too fluffy. Here is a great youtube video on how to make sew and no-sew ones, in case you’re like me and haven’t made one since the 90′s. 

2: Make another scrunchie, but just don’t scrunch it up or add any elastic, so basically it’s like a fabric tube.

3: Tie that tube around the scrunchie you made, so it looks like a scarf tied onto a scrunchie. 

Voila. Mission scrunch scarf accomplished.

Thanks, Cool Change for the inspiration – If you want to ever sell your scrunch scarfs, I know someone (ahem, moi) who will definitely be scooping up a few.

Wearing: Janessa Leone Franchesca Hat + Cool Change Scrunch scarf + Lots of salt and sand. 

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