Pastel Times


We went to the beach around sunset the other day, and I swear life felt like a box of pastels. Everything looked soft, felt soft, and I swear even the wind and waves were extra warm and down for a snuggle. 

Countless times we’ve gone down for this kind of outing and it’s been the opposite. But this one was just…special…alas, I figured I’d share it.

Not to brag about it, but just to celebrate those pinch-me moments that nature serves up on a blissful fresh-air platter.  

Floating felt extra relaxing, Levi looked extra cute, our $7 Hungry Howie’s Pizza tasted extra delicious, the lighting was juicy and always changing hues, and well, there was even a full moon rising. Swoon. Ok, we all woke up the next day with some jellyfish stings (that I never felt actually sting me, but they sure itched like hell for 24 hours). So there, it wasn’t 100% perfect. 

Moral of the story. Nature rocks. Always has. Always will. And well, it just is especially soothing when it feels like you are surrounded by a sea of pastel hues. So I highly recommend getting out just before the sun sets, regardless of location.

And please, someone hold me accountable to printing out this pic of Levi and my husband. Thanks.

Or this one…

Wearing: Janessa Leone hat // Aila Blue Romper // Anna Kosturova Bikini // Amy Grace necklace // ByChari Rings 

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