I decided to take the whole

I decided to take the whole shell painting thing quite literally. 

Turns out the porous and chalky looking shells absorb watercolors really well. So, I grabbed a brush, some paint, and water, then messed around with a few. Once they dried I gave a few the sharpie treatment on top. I’m still on the fence if I like how that turned out. What I do know is I love the all blue-hued ones.

It was super relaxing and is also a great way to just zone out and paint without worrying about something looking like something. You know, just paint blobs and bleed the colors together. Yum.

Easy craft? Check. Something fun to do with shells? Check. Relaxing thing to do on a rainy day? Check. Something that just looks really pretty on my desk now? Check.

Watercolors and beachcombing finds…shell yeah. 

Tools: I used paints from this Winsor & Newton set, and a good ‘ol black sharpie. 

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