Bloomin Bright in wearable form. Scarf one up.

Say hello to the newest addition to my shop, the Bloomin Bright Scarf…and also know I simply LOVE love love loooove making stuff like this. It’s pretty much a big, buttery soft, bright, and versatile piece of wearable art ( it’s a big version of my Bloomin Bright painting). Plus, I make all of these in small quantities, so if you grab one, just know there aren’t that many up for grabs.

I used this latest one a ton in Mexico (packing it again when I got back in a few days, too) and it hardly takes up any space, but is a great skirt (short or long paired with a tee or tank) tied-up dress, neck or head scarf, or even makeshift shade on a long beach walk.

Ok, I’m sounding so sales-y I’m making myself uncomfortable. But, I am super pumped about these and hope you will be too.

You can pick them up at my l’il shop: (full product details are there too). They’re special, and I’m very biased.

Bloomin Bright Scarves // (Free shipping on orders over $100 with code FREESHIP)


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