Mexico Style Snaps

Whenever I travel to the beach or somewhere tropical I’m reminded of how easy it is to look out together. The trick is not trying, really. And just feeling comfortable and breezy. (Apart from the jeans pic, They’re new ones from MOTHER and I was determined to get a good pic in them – as worth the 3 minutes of back sweat). Random combinations and boho layers make for laid-back radness.

Throw on your favorite bangles, never take them off, and just embrace the carefree, airdried salty hair, coconut oil, and waterproof mascara are my only beauty products, and really all you need is a pareo but other stuff is fun too, sun-kissed bliss of it all.

Clearly, my brain is still in unplugged mode judging by my ability to write coherent thoughts. To sum it up. I love beach style. It’s just my kinda style.

Pictured above:

Mother jeans

Anna Kosturova crochet dress and Savannah shorts

Bahamas tee I found on ebay

Hat made by a really cool local designer named Gael who doesn’t do ecommerce.

Goldie Tees tank (use code Rebekah15 for a discount)

Bikin top from one of my favorite local shops, Sea and Salt beach store.

Lots of handmade jewels by amazing designers that would probably prefer I take them off before going in the ocean every day (if you want to know about a particular piece just shoot me a comment below.)

..and a partridge in a pear tree.

Yay Summer.



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