Surf Shack Puzzles Dream House

Cheers to something fun and relaxing to kick off the summer. Say hello to the latest release from Surf Shack Puzzles – My Dream Home painting…I can’t recall if I’ve ever been so pumped to put a puzzle together.

It’s such a sweet company and all of their puzzles are pretty darn gorgeous – Along with being made from recycled materials (puzzles and packaging), and a locally owned and family-operated business (based in Hawaii). If you haven’t put a puzzle together lately, let me also remind you how easily they make it for you to shut off your brain, relax, unwind, and really unplug. Even if you’re like me and have a dog who is known to eat any pieces that might fall on the ground.

I’ll definitely be kicking off my summer putting together this 1000-piece puzzle, soaking up the puzzle-zen it provides, ok, and it’ll be cool to find all the little details of the painting in puzzle form, too.

So, if you want a fun way to unwind and also end up with a cool piece of recycled art, pick up one here. – Definitely check out all the artists they work with, there are so many amazingly talented women and I’m thrilled to be alongside them. 

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  • I love jigsaws, especially in the winter months, and this would be a perfect ‘getaway’ picture!