Scenes from Mexico June 2022

I just got back from a pinch me, it’s so darn peaceful and beautiful week in Mexico celebrating one of my lifelong friend’s birthdays, and I’m hoping some of these pics can pass along the sunshine and whoosaaaahhhhness of it all.

It took me a full day or two to not always forget like I forgot something. (One of the side effects of traveling sans child. Or husband.) It was quite the treat and it felt so good just to shut my brain off, not worry about posting a darn thing and soak it all up. Also, I love humidity. Ohhh my skin loves the divine pluminess that only humidity can provide.

And the jungle. None of these pics are really of it, but we stayed in a little bungalow surrounded by nature, and the sound of that was heavenly.

There was also a memorable swim out to the tiny little island where a man was fishing for lobsters (and I ended up looking like a lobster on my back later on because of it). At one point I was surrounded by a big school of silver and yellow fish and they just swam alongside me. Stuff like that you can’t really explain, document or predict. Aka some of the best parts of travel…especially when the ocean is involved.

Anywho, there’s so much to say, but also so little to say at the same time. Hope you like the pics, I’m trying to take more on my camera and not my darn phone. Especially when traveling.

Mexico, te quiero mucho.

*We stayed on the Riviera Nayarit at the One & Only Mandarina, and if you ever get the chance to stay there, it’s incredible (Thanks for having me, Dre!) Every room was its own bungalow or treehouse with a private plunge pool and the food was incredible It was also at 90% capacity and felt like we were some of the only ones there.

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