Colors for the Grey

Seattle’s been really dark and grey, which means there’s a great excuse to sit yer bum down and paint some colorful warn destinations. Ohhh yeah buddy.

I had a feeling the juxtaposition of climates I’m in vs. the ones I’m longing for would be a way to make me want to paint a ton. Well it does. The hard part’s been finding enough natural light to take photos of them all. But every now and then there’s a little sun break (a weather term I never knew I could love so much) and well, it all manages to work out.

Thinking the motto, if you paint it, an opportunity to travel there might come… is a good one.

Lots of bright blue waters, wanderlust scenes, and sunkissed skin are being sketched out these days.

And when I got sidetracked and just started spreading out some paintings and posters (pictured above, during a sun break) I’m thinking this book that’s been in my mind might be a little more doable than I thought.

Just putting it out there, and sharing the latest from my messy desk.

Yay art.

Prints and posters (always adding more to the shop) are over at

Also, I switched to mainly using Daniel Smith Watercolors and watercolor sticks, and I can’t recommend them enough. And I can’t wait to go back and stock up on some more hues.


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