Messy Desk Update

I have to remind myself to keep up with these posts. Mainly because I get hard on myself when I feel like I haven’t been painting a ton, or am unable to get in some sort of creative routine. But then I’m like, whoah, you’re all good Bek. Keep on keeping on. Productivity is going to look and feel different year-round.

So here’s the latest from my messy desk with horrible lighting.

I did finally cave and buy a lighting set on Amazon for $35. Kinda excited for that.

Also, I’ve given my shop a new look and feel, simplified it a bit, and am gradually working on going through all the prints and updating pricing and framing options (with thumbnails.) There are like 70 of them. And I need to add a few more. So yeah, It’s taking some time.

But hopefully, you dig it. Limited edition framed canvases that are the same size as the original (and they pretty much look like them too) are coming soon. Working on getting samples to shoot and all that fancy schmancy stuff. And 2024 calendars too, of course.

Anywho that’s my art update. Fun things always come out of nowhere with art stuff so we shall see what happens next. Just gotta keep on painting and creating colorful messes. //#goldfishkissart and @goldfish_kiss_art although I’m really bad at managing two accounts so just check out @goldfish_kiss too. And, I mean, I post it all on here too…eventually.

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