Underwater Sunset

Blessings out of the blue, while swimming in the big blue, are pure bliss. Take these photos for example – We took the boat out in Tikehau to go spearfish and dive at Tuheiava Pass around sunset time. Well, one of my (I can now say friends because I consider everyone on the boat a new BFF) had this totally badass underwater iPhone housing and asked if I’d like to go take some pics closer to the reef because the lighting was looking promising. And I mean…wow.

I don’t have people ask to take my pic that often, let alone have the opportunity to be creative underwater. So yep, these were an unexpected blessing.

Love how I look like I’m painting.

Also love that this is below the surf break, or where I’d usually be above the surface on a board.

It turns out a flat day with perfect diving conditions was just what these artists underwater needed.

The first one’s definitely a framer.


Photos by Angela Horst ( Thank you!!)

Suit = An Acacia Ehukai suit I found on poshmark (I found out on the last night of the trip the color yellow apparently attracts sharks…whoops. Or yay?! Technically it’s lime green, but I felt kind of like a dumbass when I learned this.)

Aqualung Cyclone X fins. (Apparently high contrast stuff attracts sharks, too. Another whoops, or yay? Regardless, I love them and they have a beige and black version if you want less contrasty fins.)


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