The Write Time

I finally made myself sit down and write, and here you go. Ok one of these was previously scribbled out in my travel journal, but needed to be more legible. But still, it always feels good to throw some words together to help describe things in a melodic way.

Also, I recently discovered there are dozens of poetry prompts to help you get through writing ruts or just get the pen and ink a-flowing. Here’s a search on Pinterest…go for it. Sometimes just writing a few lines is all it takes to nail a thought. Sometimes it turns into an essay, but still, don’t let the busyness of life take up those little nuggets of space you need to write.

Thanks for reading these. Now, go pick up that journal, or type up a note in your notes app on your phone or something.

More poems aqui // My book, Sunny Thoughts for Salty Souls. (Working on an expanded hardcover version for the holidays)

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