The Colorful Mess Update

I don’t like to be busy, say I’ve been busy, or glorify business at all…except for when it comes to painting. I’ve been busy creating and it feels incredible – Textile designs for (some rather rad) collabs, weekly moments of inspiration, and getting my book FINALLY started. It feels good. And yet, I still try to talk myself out of it, daily. Such a weird relationship I have with my mind…

Anywho, I might not be posting quite as much, but my brain has butterflies. And it’s been a while since my cranium felt like it was full of monarchs. Things that help: Working on multiple pieces at once, sketching, and losing my phone multiple times in a day.

Oh yeah, the new desk setup turned out to be just my kind of little messy nook, too. Note the LED lamp. It’s been a game-changer for late night painting sessions (aka my favorite time to get work done.)

Hope you like them. Or perhaps it might inspire someone to pick up a brush and paint. If you’re on the fence, I say DO IT!!!

**Prints are over at (Take 20% off in the shop with code SUNSHINE20 until June 5th) and you can follow my art over at @goldfish_kiss_art 

If you have any questions about art, supplies, etc. just shoot me a comment below. Love hearing from you.

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