A few poems


Feels good to write, especially when it’s a few poems.

Fun update. So, I’ve wanted to publish two books for quite a while – One filled with my poems, and the other would be pages of my art. The good news is the poems layout is almost finished/ready to be edited and spiffified a bit. It’s a bit surreal to see it all together, and it’s also so fun to learn about all the different avenues of self-publishing available nowadays. But hey, if a publisher would show interest, I’d definitely be game for that too.

Next up shall be zee book filled with art.

It’s crazy after all these years of procrastination how things kind of easily come together. But then, maybe procrastination is what makes stuff happen at the right time, sometimes. Hmmmmm.

Anywho, I share these because someone usually says they were just the right words at the right time. And that, folks, is what it’s all about.

Now…have to write the intro for the book. THAT should be the hard part.

More poems aqui.

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  • I would diiiie for a book from you. The kind a book I can run my finger into the pages to reminds me who I am. For lots of reasons your art/words bring me back to me when the world gets a little too prominent in my head. Love you! Love these poems!

  • Your poems make my life pause to reflect the truth in each phrase. Well done SuperBek!! May I please have the signed first edition?