The thing I love about Instagram

The thing I love about Instagram, is it’s such a great way to preserve those little moments that you might or might not realize at the time, totally rock.

Your first hike in a new state. Flowers from your mom that brightened up a grey day, a foggy paddle on the lake, splashing around in rain boots, an amazing thank you note, or your pup’s ears flapping in the breeze when you took her to the beach for the first time and it was so windy she couldn’t run in a straight line.

So the moral of the story? When in doubt, take the darn pic. This is also a good time to mention that my phone storage is full and I can not take any more pics.

Follow @goldfish_kiss I don’t post food pics, unless a barista in Seattle can make a latte with a palm tree in the foam on top.

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