I like to Move it Move it.


One question I am frequenty asked is: What’s your favorite move for____(insert body part). Well, today is your lucky day, because I’m going to break it down part by part, and give you my favorite moves for 1: if you have access to a gym, and 2: if you don’t have access to a gym or weights. I love overachieving.

Be sure to click on the links for instructional videos. One of these days I’ll get around to taking pics, but prefer to peruse youtube for guys with thick German accents who show us how to do the moves while wearing fanny packs.

Here you go, from the top to bottom:


In a GymPush Press. Boom.

No gym – Yoga, paddling, surfing…There is a reason why gals on the North Shore have Unreal shoulders.


In a Gym1 arm Dubbell Bench press – I am also a meathead and love normal Bench Press, but this way mixes it up and works your core a bit.

No gymPush ups ( try to have form like this dude). Before I moved from Hawaii, I vowed to not set foot inside in a gym and just did 50 push ups a day. Worked like charm.


In a GymPull ups, controlled, any grip, work up to adding a little weight.

No gym – Pull ups…again (I know, what a shock) IF there is no park nearby, The Iron Gym is the best $20 you can spend


In a GymLots and lots of med ball throws (bonus points for also being a stress reliever)

No gymThe Ab saw (you can do this anywhere with a smooth floor and your feet on a towel)


In a GymRear foot Elevated Split Squat (dumbbells or bar bell)

No Gym – Rear foot Elevated Split Squat…again (yup, the same move, with or without weights, works). Or hill sprints and lots of walking lunges, but try the RFESS


In a GymStep ups with weight

No gym – Running stairs. Bonus points for feeling like Rocky. Running in the sand (The softer & deeper sand, the more your legs will burn)

There you go. Piece a few of these together and you, my friend, have a killer workout.

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