Here’s a thought: It’s ok to be proud of something you created, and want to share it. The other day I was organizing my office and just started flipping through my watercolor book and a bunch of loose pages of sketches and paintings. Not surprisingly, I ended up covering my entire desk and making a total mess. That I miiiight still need to clean up so I can actually paint again. A week later.

But you know what? I felt pretty darn good. I’ve grown as an artist, and am sticking to it. Are these masterpieces, no? Are they making the world a better place? Not really. But do they give me a sense of pride, motivation and inspiration. You betcha. 

So when the folks at Pro Flowers asked if I’d be interested in sharing something I’ve crafted or created to help raise awareness for their partnership with  (A fair trade organization dedicated to empowering communities by providing employment and education – and ultimately hope) I put this colorful mess of mine to good use. 

They sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in an All Across Africa Vase, in hopes that I’d share something I’ve created that is inspirational, and I am proud of with you all. 

So I threw the bouquet in some pics with my paintings too. Because I think what they are doing is pretty darn inspirational, and quite frankly, more beautiful. 

The vase came with a photograph and story of the woman who weaved it, Angelique, and I am pretty sure the flowers felt pretty spiffy being incased in her handiwork. Angelique, wherever you might be right now, be proud of your work, it definitely inspired me. I might need to do a painting of this bouquet in its vase before I clean up my desk. 

So there you go. I’m proud of my messy watercolor mayhem. 

Hopefully it inspires someone else out there too. And regardless, I love being able to connect the dots and use it to help raise awareness towards a great partnership like this. And who knows, maybe I can figure out a way to send Angelique a painting one day to say thanks. 

Art is pretty sweet like that. // ProFlowers All Across Africa Collection.

*You might think I was paid for this. I wasn’t. I just accepted a bouquet (because I freaking love flowers) and was pumped to talk about this partnership. 

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