Hanalei is a magical place. Ok

Hanalei is a magical place. Ok anywhere on the North Shore of Kauai fits in that category. So, being able to take Levi to one of my favorite spots, well, it made my heart sing like Celine Dion. 

I know he’s too young to really know where he was, but his eyes got so big, he had a peace about him, and there was a certain smile and belly laugh he did… that made me think he knew he what was up. 

 Or maybe it was all the sand he ate.

Either way, I loved being back. Loved sharing this spot with him, and plan on coming back as much as I can…while he can fly for free.

Or maybe we just need to figure out a way to move back.


Left to to right, top to bottom:

The inagural dip. Lub to the dub. // Hanging, and eating sand, before sunset // Strolling up to check out the bay from the Princeville Resort lookout (If there was a rainbow, I swear our UppaBaby G-Luxe would’ve been the pot of gold. Love this thing.) // Morning swim. Again. // A rare stylish moment at golden hour when Levi had rockstar hair moment. // One last dip in the morning before our flight back…which works like a charm to help him sleep on the plane. Hallelujah.

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