3 layers of bronze

Ok. I figured instead of just talking about beauty products I use regularly. I need to suck it up and actually show ‘em off on my mug. So, I wanted to share my typical go to makeup look, which is natural and glowy, in it’s three different degrees of bronzification. With a few tricks. 

Save this date in blog history: I actually did my hair and makeup for a post. 

Here we go…

First off, my “base”: I have on IT Cosmetics CC Cream in tan, as well as their 5 in 1 mascara and universal brow pencil.

*I have no clue what do do with my face when taking a pic to show off makeup without looking like a deer in headlights or doing a duck face. But hopefully you can spot the differences in each. 

1: The Enhanced Glow

This is the layer 1 of bronzification. Great after a vacation when you have that loving life glow, or when in a time crunch. – You basically want to enhance your natural skin tone, and add a little bit of radiance with some highlights. And have a natural pink lip. To do this, I put on some Laura Mercier Primer in Radiance (one of my makeup musts), then used some Kevyn Aucion Celestial Skin Lighting to highlight my cheek bones and brow bones, and finished with a hydrating taupy-pink color (this stuff in Nectar Pink). 

Tip: Don’t be shy when using the shimmery primer. And if you want to go super natural, it can be used in place of a CC cream/foundation/bb cream, whatever. 

2: Typically Sun Kissed

Layer 2 of bronzification, and probably my most typical look – You basically are adding on some powder bronzer, a bit of blush, and a matte pinky orange lip. To do this, I grabbed this bronzer, a good n’ fluffy blush brush, then made a face like I was going to kiss the mirror, and lightly brushed right along and below my cheekbones, on the top of your forehead and even a little on your chin. Next, I grabbed one of my must have on me at all times miracle makeup – Nars Multiple in Orgasm, and put a little on the apples of my cheeks, and then what the heck, I put it on my lips too. Muwah. 

Tip: Not sure where to put the bronzer. Remember last time when you go too much sun on your face? Put it wherever you got red. 

3: The über bronzed 

And finally the final layer, Layer 3 – This is my date night makeup, because date night gives me a whole extra two minutes to get ready, which is all this takes. But looks hot. – You add a little more bronzer, some shimmering gold coconut oil, and go for a nude matte lip. To do this, I added a few more sweeps of bronzer, then grabbed some Kopari Beauty Coconut Body Glow  (coconut oil with gold shimmer in it. It’s awesome.) and put in on my cheekbones, then dabbed a little bit of concealer on my lips, and sealed it with a little bit of shimmery beige eye shadow.

Tip: Nude lips make you look more tan. In my opinion. Especially if they are matte with a littlr bit of shimmer. I learned the concealer/foundation on lips trick from an article a long time ago where Angelina Jolie shared a way she makes her lips look great. You’re welcome. 

There you go. 3 layers of bronzification. Pick one, any one, and glow with it.  

Maybe next time I’ll do a video or something. Or maybe I’ll do the complete look over on my facebook page in a facebook live video, because those are kind of…awesome.

Either way, love sharing this stuff with you all. 

Yay for natural, sun smooched beauty. 

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