Messy Desk Update

Well, I’ve been slacking a bit in the art department. Not that ideas aren’t there, it’s just I know the sunny gorgeous days up here in Washington are coming to an end, and I’ve been soaking them up. And traveling whenever possible. But there’s still been some fun creations on le messy desk. Ok now that I look at these, actually maybe I haven’t been slacking. Just slaking at remembering to share them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I’ll get the big butterfly/floral one scanned and in the shop soon. It’s one of my favorites from this past year, and the pics do not do it much justice. The walking in the Maldives one turned out cooler than I thought it would, and the Tahiti views one I thought I hated then ended up liking. Just proof, I have no clue how things will turn out. Ha.

It’s all fun once I get started. Getting started is always the biggest obstacle, though. So that’s why I try to have a big piece to work on then throw in little fun ones in between.

So, we will see what my days without sun shall inspire here soon. Yesterday was grey, cold, and drizzly and I immediately dove into a big palm frond and catamaran piece I’ve been dreaming up for the past few months.

Yay art.

I think I say that at the end of every art post. But gosh, I just love it, and am so darn thankful to have a place to share it, and that y’all seem to dig it too. Thank you, ohhh how my heart thanks you.

Prints, etc., over at // My art Instagram @goldfish_kiss_art 

*Also scarves are back in stock and I have a new style to add to the bunch later on this week, too.

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