Finding Joy at the messy desk

I think I’ll look back at these past few months and think…yeah, that was when I painted a lot, and finally realized how valuable it is. I don’t know why, but I find both peace and anxiety at my messy desk, it’s a place to create but also take risks and grow, all with a brush, paint, and paper. Whoah.

Also, fun story: A little voice in my head told me to click on an IG live Q&A that Danielle Coke was doing (She’s amazing and has such a great way of talking at about anti-racism that makes me have quite a few a-ha moments) well, right as I clicked over, the question at that very moment was what can artists do at this time, and she said, “Keep creating and making art!” I wish I had a pen and took notes on the rest of her answer, but it was instant motivation. As much as I loathe social media at times, being able to randomly click on a video a woman was broadcasting from her living room in Atlanta and immediately feel inspired and learn ways to be a better person is pretty much what it’s all about. Thank you Danielle. Thank you so so much.

I got some new paints, lots of paper, even more ideas, and I’m figuring out more and more of what I want to say with each brushstroke. It’s all about growing and improving, right? Messy desk, see you soon.

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