San Diego Snaps

The beach was calling. We answered. And I’m so glad we did. I don’t like not answering those calls. Surf, sun, sand, salt, burritos, sunset, realize I got a little sun slapped, then repeat. That was the drill for a few days.

Levi and I talk a lot about what superhero powers we wish we had. One unanimous one would be to fly, and then Levi wishes he could shoot laser beams out of his fingers. I’m wishing I could magically whisk people away for a few sun-filled beach days. But we’d all have our own, uncrowded beaches. Being fluent in every language on the globe would be sweet too.

Superbeachbum Bek to the rescue, but wearing a sarong instead of a cape to try and bring peace to the world in the form of sandy toes and a sunkissed nose.

So there’s that.

No matter where we might be living, the beach always ends up feeling like home.

Pictured above:

• Levi in his own little world at low tide

• Happy sandy arm stack (thank you Beading Harts Co and Jemma Sands for the bracelets)

• Sunset from the cliffs in Solana Beach (Love staying there). Yum.

• Two Goofballs (Thanks Bromelia for one of my few favorite tops)

• Happy tie-dye toes (went for neutral tones for once – the tutorial is here, but with brighter colors)

• A l’il boho combo that brightens up any lingering June gloom (Gracias Cleobella for the dress and shell bag)

…and I had one of my all-time favorite burritos at Lourdes in Solana Beach – Their California burrito: carne asada, Guac, Pico, sour cream, cheese, and french fries. My tastebuds wrote me a thank you note and said they want another one sometime soon.





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