Current Mood

It felt like a good time for a mood board. Love creating these things. Especially this one.

Reading, signing ( #JusticeForBre), donating(Be The Bridge is incredibe), listening to Uncomfortable Conversations ( This one with Emmanuel Acho and Chip + Joanna Gaines is pretty darn powerful), reading more, diversifying who I follow, and the media I consume, and LEARNING has been needed, so needed on my end. I want to write a ton about it, but I also think the best work one can do is internal and done off-screen.

But a mood board on-screen just felt good to make.

Here’s to knowing better and doing better, growing, and learning how to be a better person and ally.

And oh my goodness, that Empathy poem by Morgan Harper Nichols sure hit home.


*All images in the collage were found on Pinterest. 

More mood boards aqui. 

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