Some Shells Under The Rainbow

If anyone’s looking for a few mental whoooosaaahhhh moments, grab some shells, whatever paint, pen or marker floats your boat, a good beach jams playlist, and make those shells a lovely l’il canvas.

Sharpie shells to the zen time rescue.

Ok, so no sharpies were used on these, oops. I used my new watercolor set and a white paint pen.  I also reverted back to my high school days when I used to draw on myself all the time in class…oh memories. Anyways, given these particular shells were shiny/not very porous, I’m pretty pumped that any of the paint actually stuck. Yhatzee.

As for directions, I say just work with the shell’s natural shape and grooves, then nature pretty much does the work for you. You’re just adding some color and boho touches. Less is more, and the less perfect and planned out the better…kind of like a shell.

Fun times. Yay for colorful and relaxing summer crafts, although I’d recommend these any time of year.

More sharpie shells aqui.

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