Luna & Rose X Goldfish Kiss. Oh yeah.

Rosie from Luna and Rose is a total gem of a person. I swear, even her emails imbue sunshine. So, when I did this painting a while ago and mentioned how cool it would be to design a cool tropical textile for some breezy button-up shirts, Rosie was the first person to write me and say, “We could totally do that.”

And we did.

And it’s pretty darn rad.

So may we present to you, Luna and Rose X Goldish Kiss. The last collab we did was jewelry and a scarf, and well this collection (brace yourself for lots of links)…has that aforementioned breezy button-up, along with sandals, a bucket hat, a clutch/wallet (the zipper details and inside organization are sweet), and of course, a scarf. (Those suckers are pretty darn versatile)

(Note: The jewelry from the last collab was just restocked, in case anyone missed out.)

I whipped up two prints for the collecti0n: The first, Blue Crush, is a lovely blue retro tropical number. Then, Sunny Strokes, is a more simple earthy floral. Each print has its perks, and every item is available in each print. It’s a win-win situation, whatever you choose.

Next up, Rosie’s team in Bali hand-printed the fabric in small batches on some lovely, super soft and breathable natural rayon fabric that was then used to make all of the goods. Rosie runs a super sustainable and ethical ship, and I loved being a part of the process (ok, I learned a LOT too.)

I don’t think I’ve ever used so many exclamation points and the word PUMPED in an email chain as I did for this collection.

I hope you love the collection as much as we do. We know it’s all launching at a crazy time, but we’re also firm believers that wearing a tropical print can be an instant mood booster too.

Thanks for partnering up again, Rosie. Cheers to painting something cool and connecting with pals who know how to make a fun idea a reality.

Luna and Rose X Goldfish Kiss – available at

*They ship internationally

*Prices are listed in AUD – click for USD prices up at the top

*For size reference I’m rocking a Medium in the top (I’m a size 6) and a size 40 sandal (I’m a US size 9)

…ok a few more pics. I know these items deserve a white sandy beach and professional camera, but I kind of  also love the iphone and white sheet quarantine photoshoot in my backyard.

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