Le Chop

I know there’s a lot going on in the world, but I just wanted to interrupt the news and to let you know I chopped my hair. Said sayonara to six inches, and hola to feeling like a badass.

The debate was sunnies or no sunnies to show off the shag. So here’s both. The facial expression will never be figured out.

I pretty much went for this Julianne Hough cut, plus an extra inch or two in length. My stylist, Erica, actually took a class on how to do that exact cut, from the gal who did this cut on Ms. Hough, and well, she nailed it. It’s called the mermaid shag. And I’m LOVING it. The only thing is getting used to having a wimpy top knot.

Ok, hope this break from the news was a good one. Yay hair. It grows (especially fast when taking this stuff daily), might as well have fun with it.

Cut and Color by Erica Rachelle 

More hair looks and transformations aqui. 

*Anyone looking for a stylist? Definitely recommend using the beauty coach near me listings

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  • If you don’t mind sharing, can you tell me what product(s) you use to style this fabulous cut? I LOVE it…. Thanks!

    • Davines volumizing texture spray and then some MoroccanOil Styling creme! So really any kind of volumizer (or dry shampoo) then something to make it piecey with a little shine!