Flower Stalls

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The world laughs in flowers.” Well, we all could use a laugh. I mean, it’s one of nature’s best medicines. So, here are some up-close and personal views of a few Flower Stalls in Pike Place Market.

These stalls, filled with creations from flower farms in the region, are what made me smile and realize everything will be ok after moving away from Hawaii. They’ve had a special place in my flower lovin’ heart even 6/7 years later. (It’s not really a memory I like to know the exact date of.)

I hadn’t been to Pike Place Market since February, and I just missed them, buying a bouquet that would cost double it’s price anywhere else, and just quickly snapping some pics of the latest blooms with my phone. One day I’ll bring my real camera.

So glad I finally got there while peonies were still in season.

Up next? Dahlias. Oh yeah, buddy.

Gotta love flowers.

**Order a bouquet/learn ways to still buy and support the flower farmers here.


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