A post to post.

Hi. So, apologies if I’ve been slacking in the post frequency department. There’s a shortage of post inspiration (aka I’m talking myself out of everything ), yet I have a bazillion things going on in my head and have been occupied with non-blog work and a 4.5-year-old who desires my constant role as his superhero sidekick (Not gonna lie, I’m a great Robin, Batman, and Lois Lane. Yay coffee.) Also, I never want to post just to post.

But I do love posting…so here’s a post.

Just worn-in jeans and a buttery tie-dye tee, lots of jewelry and still trying to navigate the shorter hair. Boom.

Speaking of jeans – If anyone has tips on ways to loosen jeans, let me know. (I’m not pregnant, just am always feeling bloated and every other pair of mine I try on just feels like a high waisted denim girdle. So comfy. Help. Please.)

Some deep and inspiring post is nestled nicely in my cranium, and hopefully, someday it will find it’s way out. Or some new DIY, or a workout, or a stuff to buy roundup…or, who knows, honestly. That’s what’s fun about blogging.

But, if you stumble on this post/site I just hope it’s a nice 30-second break for you to catch your breath. Which, is basically what I’m trying to do. And sorry once again for lagging so much lately in creating this sunny place. Thank goodness there’s a hefty archive to peruse.

And thank goodness for some good ‘ol jeans and a tee.

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