The Beach House

It’s been about six months since my last Beach House post. Yet, in those months I’ve been in our rental home (that’s nowhere near the beach) more than ever, which has also led me to appreciate having a backyard more than ever, but also dreaming of one day living on the beach, more than ever.

Ohh the irony.

So here are a few gems I’ve added to the dream beach house folder in my brain…


• First up, an art studio with lots of windows and natural light, that’s cozy and has a view. Aka the polar opposite of my current “studio.”

Kawaiian Lion Linens, All. Over. The. Place. Please.

• There’s just something about an open-air living room, that’s literally open-aired.

• I think this poster will be the mantra of the abode, alas I shall have to find the creatives at Soul Twin Studio and beg for a poster.

• This setup at Dreamsea Surf Camp in Uluwatu is just..dreamy. and then there are the waves in the distance too. Yum.

• I can’t decide if getting gout of bed might be really difficult, or really easy in this scenario. I’ll gladly do the research though.

• A Rachel Saunders Harmony cup or two for the in house handmade hot beverage holder collection.

These floors are rad. Just not sure if sweeping up how much sand I track in would be a total beeyotch.

and last but not least,

• I just love any room with tall ceilings, white walls and boards all over the place. thanks for the inspo, the Koala Surf House. maybe I’ll check it out in person someday.

Drema big when it comes to the beach house. Not necessarily in square footage. Whoh wants to clean all that?

I think I might finally go hang up a board somewhere in our rental…

• None of these images are my own. I wish they were all of my house, or could be someday. But they were all found on pinterest. I thin my beach house board has the most pins of them all. And rightfully so. 

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