Trying to make some sense

I’ve rewritten this first sentence at least four times, and am not going to allow myself to do a fifth. This is how it goes lately. No clue what to write or say. Writing about beauty products, lifestyle stuff, clothes, travel, flowers, nail art,  – it just feels meaningless. But then the more I think about it, I know it’s necessary, and can help. Life’s heavy and in so many different ways for different people. And I just like to keep things relatively lighthearted. You know, deflect with humor, or in this case, a little dose of color with hopefully some sort of wit.

Trust me. I am not an aways happy ostrich with my head in the sand. Although that bird’s situation sounds quite lovely at times. What I’m thinking of these days resembles a big piece of paper filled with scribbles. What I actually say is a little dot. Ok, make it a tiny flower for prosperity.

The word enough is creeping in on the daily – am I posting enough, saying enough, creating enough, doing enough? Who the hell knows, to be honest. I just know I am reading more than enough news and consuming enough media, which might be a huge cause of the enough-ness. It’s unprecedented times for us human beings. So I guess the one “enough” question that really matters is, am I being kind enough…to others and myself.

Please don’t take me posting stuff that some might deem as superficial or meaningless in these times as a way of being blissfully ignorant of our world. It’s kind of my way to be kind, and create a fun little escape on the internet that is getting filled up with more and more crap each day.

So, I think that’s enough blabbing, and serves as a permission slip to keep on keeping on, figuring out a new rhythm, breathe and be human.

And since I know a lot of you come here for some sunshine, hope you like that little iPhone rainbow capture above too.

Somewhere under the rainbow life maks sense. Or it doesn’t. But, it just feels good to try to write about it.



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