The Rocky Mountain High Felt Good

Colorado. It’s where I grew up and the place that pretty much instilled in me a love for wide-open spaces, fresh air, movement, and altitude. It’s home, and the state I’ve technically lived in the longest. So yup, it was a welcom change of pace from feeling like I’m in some quasi groundhog day/twilight zone situation.

I went back to spend time with my family but ended up forgetting about the world for a bit too. I didn’t turn the news on once, or TV, really (except to watch Yellowstone) unplugged, enjoyed simple stuff, enjoyed hiking up a mountain as my workout, tried to read but fell asleep instead, and actually felt…inspired for a bit too. Yum.

It felt good. Pretty darn good.

Hope you enjoy some of the pics.

*If you have any questions about travel these days, please shoot ’em my way.

Stuff rocked in pics above.

Dress = Cleobella

Boots = Lucchese (they’re my mom’s. She scored on sale at their El Paso store a few years ago) 

Hat = My dad’s Stetson and his Fishing hat

GNR tee = Madeworn

Jacket = Understated Leather

Bracelets = too many to link. Kinda went overboard on the stack.  



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